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Romania Animal Rescue Gears Up for Huge May Spay Event

The month of May is big for Romania Animal Rescue. They are gearing up for their annual May Spayathon event. This year they will be in the town of Botosani.

Romania Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization run by Nancy Janes of California and their purpose is to reduce the stray population of dogs and cats in the country of Romania. Janes traveled the country back in 2001 and was so stricken by the plight of homeless dogs that she decided to do something to help (see IPE article American woman creates animal spay/neuter organization in Romania). To date the organization has spayed and neutered almost 14,000 animals.

Although they have spay/neuter events throughout the year, May is their big Spayathon event and volunteers will be in the country for two weeks. They hope to perform over 1,000 surgeries during that time.

Read Carrie Dow's entire article in The Examiner.


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