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Newsletter Archive

Summer 2013

  Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Newsletter Summer 2013
Spay/Neuter Is the Answer »  


An unspayed female dog, her mate, and all of their puppies and their puppies' puppies over six years, if none are ever neutered or spayed add up to 67,000 dogs.


Romania Animal Rescue provides free spay/neuter for villages in Romania! Some of the poorest people are getting the help they need for their animals in many ways from RAR, including spay/neuter, veterinary care, vaccines, and food for their beloved animals. This support keeps the animals from reproducing, reduces the risk of disease, and limits the possibility of abandonment.

In Memory of
Suzanne DeFazio

A life full of joy and happiness that was shared with others. Your memory will stay with those that knew and loved you forever. Rest in Peace Suzie. You will be missed forever.


Dear Romania Animal Supporters »  

Dear Romania Animal Rescue Friends,

Well this past month and a half the RAR team has been traveling throughout Romania once again to accomplish our many spays/neuters and veterinary treatments! As well as this travel, we are continuing our commitment this summer for 300 free spays/neuters for Craiova animals.

Our education program has just expanded to include the Cernavoda (Constanta) region. Over 10,000 booklets are now in circulation in Romania to teach children as well as adults on animal welfare actions and the importance of spay/neuter.

We have thankfully been able to help a charity in Tecuci to generate funds to feed 41 animals living in an impoverished situation.

All of this activity is thanks to YOU, our generous donors! I wish you all the very best and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love to you,
Nancy Janes



Dear Friends and Supporters,

Romanian hot, torrid summer found us standing in the first line of the fight for a better life for the homeless animals in need. We returned to Moreni, Ramnicu Sarat and Tecuci and we answered the plea for help from Targoviste animal lovers who desperately needed us to perform top quality surgeries on their four legged proteges. Spay and neuter is the best and fastest way to change the fate of so many animals that otherwise would face thirst, hunger, neglect and misery.

The RAR team not only work towards directly improving each animal's quality of life, but we are also the seed in people's mind. Our educational booklets are a wonderful tool to teach children and show them how to care about a pet and we are very happy with how kids react to these educational booklets. I assure you that we are working towards a better future for our beloved animals that live under the skies and whose lives means so little. Please stand by our projects and please keep supporting the ongoing change in Romania. Thank you, all donors and supporters

Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
Veterinary Director,
Romania Animal Rescue/
Animal Spay Neuter Int'l


The RAR Map of Romania

Your support has brought us to each of these towns for one or more of our animal welfare services: Spay/neuter, school education, veterinarian training, veterinary care, adoption, and shelter support.

Thank You!


Spay/neuter procedures funded

RAR spays/neuters funded:

117: Moreni
20: Bucharest for Red Panda and GIA
62: Adjud
68: Ramnicu Sarat (We reached our 250 goal for Ramnicu Sarat!)
70: Tecuci
41: Targoviste
15: Iasi Cats

393 for July


20,983 OVERALL!

Buhusi Spayathon »  

Buhusi Spayathon, 2013Buhusi Spayathon, 2013Buhusi Spayathon, 2013Buhusi Spayathon, 2013Buhusi Spayathon, 2013


In our last newsletter we did not have the photos or much about the successful campaign in Buhusi--but now we do!

Let's start with the Flashmob video again to remind people of this campaign:

Now the results: 100 booklets were sent to Buhusi to help introduce this upcoming campaign. 156 animals were spayed/neutered. Thanks to Babi, Jane and Toni who made this such a successful event. We plan to return to Buhusi in September once again with the help of Babi, Jane, and Toni and our new sponsor for this event, Walk 4 Dogs. The photos above show you the wonderful help provided for Buhusi recently.

Also, Dr. Aurelian Stefan and the great RAR team helped a poor German shepherd that had been hit by a bulldozer in February. He was brought to the spayathon, having suffered terribly for the prior four months. Dr. A. performed the surgery needed to help the dog. The dog is recovering well, and almost completely relieved of all pain. Thank you as always to the wonderful veterinary team. Rocking Romania!


Other Spay/Neuter News »  

September Is Vatra Dornei Month

Will you help us to return to Vatra Dornei in September?

Vatra Dornei has asked for our help to spay/neuter 100 more dogs in September. Please, if you can, help us to help these fine people in this community, your support will have the most impact here! Thanks to Mayhew Animal Home in the UK, RAR will be able to print more free educational booklets and Vatra Dornei will receive many to begin an education campaign in their area. Together, we can do this!

Yes, I Support Vatra Dornei!

Here is what Roxana Pasat, the director of the local charity, wrote about our work there:

I used to ask myself so many, many times: What can I do and how can I do it to make it happen, to have a miracle for nobody's dogs, for the dogs living on the streets, for the dogs from Vatra Dornei City Hall shelter. And, here we go! My dream has come true thanks to the help and support of some wonderful people, thanks to RAR donors, thanks to animal lovers from all around the world. We are very thankful for all these kind gestures and compassion. We are not used to any of these, therefore you have our deepest respect, and your support deeply moves us to tears.

This fantastic RAR team (Lelia Creanga, Livioara Rotariu and Emma Cecilia) made it to Vatra Dornei, to our small public shelter where they spayed/neutered 50 dogs (44 females and 6 males) this past weekend. I must confess that, up to now, I have never seen such a team, such dedication, responsibility, such resilience and physical strength, with an amazing working schedule prepping and operating non-stop from early morning till late in the evening! I have no other words to describe it, just professionalism and reliability!

This is the first step, breaking the ice thanks to this fantastic charity, RAR and we would really love to continue our collaboration with the City Hall to persuade them to join our efforts, to understand that spay/neuter of the strays is the only viable solution to solve the problem. Our Mayor wanted to meet the RAR team and personally thank them for all their efforts. The local media was also present at the shelter to see RAR team in action. They took some interviews and they will run an article in the local press. We do hope that such projects could happen again and will happen again. We are aware that these spayathons can be possible only with the support and help of fantastic donors, great people who love animals, the advocates for their welfare and their rights.

We hope and pray to be able to organize such a spay/neuter project for our city, Vatra Dornei! I want to send my deepest consideration to Nancy Janes, the wonderful lady who made all this possible, who listened to me and understood my despair, who did everything she could to find a solution to help us! You have our love and respect!

--Roxana Stanisor Pasat



As you may recall, Romania Animal Rescue has helped the animals in Bistrita. We have provided them with hundreds of spays/neuters, sponsored the training of a local vet at Dr. Aurelian Stefan's Veterinary Training Camp so he can work in their community, as well as purchased and mailed a new spay pack (instruments for spaying dogs and cats) to their VTC trained vet.

Up until July, RAR was also funding 10 free spay/neuters per month for Bistrita. We are no longer able to afford this and we appeal to you, our fabulous donors, for help. Daciana, from the local charity in Bistrita, tells me the need is tremendous for a continued and enhanced monthly spay campaign with their newly-trained vet. We are seeking a monthly sponsor for Bistrita: 20 free spays/neuters per month if at all possible ($440.00). Thank you, lovely people, for your care and compassion! We also hope to bring the RAR team of vets back to do another massive campaign in Bistrita once funding is available. The need is so great, and we cannot let them down!

Yes, I Support Bistrita!

Testimonials from our friends in Bistrita:

We do not have enough words to express what a wonderful job RAR is doing in Romania, and Dr. Aurelian Stefan is an example of amazing skills and dedication. Our vet just returned home today from training with him and goes on and on about how impressed he was with Dr. A's skills and technique, and hopes to meet him again. He is a man you can learn A LOT from. Congratulations for being the best.

Looking forward to having you here! Lots of puppies have been born this spring. We are at the end of our powers. Our hearts are bleeding seeing so many and not being able to help them all. Oh, Nancy, you have no idea how bad we need this sterilization campaign! The Public Shelter is full of puppies, crowded on top of each other in the kennels, that's how many. In our shelter we have some too. Every day people call us about new puppies in some part of the city or the other and asking us to take them in. We really don't have the resources, space, money, adoptive or foster homes, for so many.

Thank you to Romania Animal Rescue Donors for funding the Bistrita Spayathon! We could not do all this great work without your help! Thank you to Dr. Petrisor Stefan, Dr. Irina Corbu, Dr. Roxana-Elena Stan, and vet tech Ruth Osborne--the RAR Dream Team for Bistrita!

May Sterilization Campaign finished with 193 neutered dogs and cats who will no longer have offspring born into suffering, hunger, diseases and dangers on the streets or in the public shelter.

We want to address a wholehearted thank you for making this possible to RAR team of careful surgeons and assistants and its president, Nancy Janes, the people who donated and the people who came to help or brought an animal to be neutered.




In June we asked of you, our wonderful donors, to help with a campaign once again in Adjud. More puppies were being abandoned in plastic bags, and we needed to get back there to stop this. Thanks to your support, 62 animals were spayed for free in Adjud!


Successful Return to Targoviste

41 dogs were spayed/neutered yesterday in Targoviste by the wonderful RAR Dream Team. The RAR vets also helped a little puppy with a very bad case of Sticker tumor and the prognosis is a positive one.

Animal Care »  


Horses on Death Row,, is helping "Footprints of Joy" to treat, house the many horses in their sanctuary.

The immense suffering of these horses is hard to describe. They are often worked to death with no veterinary care whatsoever, and often starving.

Recently, a starved horse, Margarita, was being beaten since she could not pull her cart fast enough.

Following intense care and love at the sanctuary, this is Margarita today…still on the mend, but with vast improvements.

For further information go to




Remember the little dog, Elly, from Tecuci who was suffering having been hit by a car, starving, and on top of all this, she had distemper? We all gave her very little prognoses for success--yet SUCCESS she did have! Thanks to a loving family in Mountain View, CA, and your and their donations for Elly's extensive treatment, Ms. Elly is now living in the lap of luxury!

Food for Visina

We are helping to raise funds for Mrs. Silvia's animals in Visina. 41 dogs and cats need food. If you would like to contribute to the food bill, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Thank you.

Târgoviste--The True Story

Târgoviste is a place not far from the capital, in southern Romania, filled with history and meaning. It holds a very beautiful park which is a tribute to the old royal residence and capital of Tara Româneasca (a part of Romania before the unification). For over three centuries, Târgoviste was the most important landmark in terms of economy, politics and culture in that part of Romania.

This beautiful tower, called "Chindia Tower" was built by Vlad the Impaler, the famous Dracula, who lived and ruled in Târgoviste and not in Transilvania, as the Irish novelist Bram Stooker has everyone to believe. He had a very troubled life and he was known for his unforgiving nature and unorthodox methods of punishment.

Since then, the local authorities have embraced a different legal framework, but have yet to work on resolving the stray-dogs issue, as everywhere else in Romania. Now the local community, represented by Asociatia Sufletel Târgoviste, stepped in and asked for Romania Animal Rescue's help. Thanks to the generosity of RAR's donors, the veterinary team was able to spay or neuter 41 animals last week; for those animals, the world is a better place and we hope we can help more and more animals to feel that way. It was not the first campaign in Târgoviste, RAR has actually managed to help 360 animals so far. It was a nice day, in the middle of nature with nice people and lovely dogs.

Luckily for him, this cute male dog with a severe case of Sticker tumor was neutered by the RAR veterinary team. They also helped the local NGO to get a hold of the cytostatic he desperately needs.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of dogs suffering from Sticker tumors, this being another downside to such a large mass of fertile dogs roaming and breeding uncontrollably on the streets. People who refuse to neuter their own male dogs and allow them to breed with stray female dogs should take into consideration that they are putting their dog's lives at risk.

Big or small, white or brown, we are all trying to find our place into this world. If you love animals and want to help make a difference for the helpless ones, join our cause! Help make something durable and efficient, prevent a life from being wasted in vain!

Education Booklets »  

The educational booklets were to Tecuci and Cernavoda. (photo courtesy of Save the Dogs). 2000 booklets in total: 500 to Tecuci and 1500 to Cernadova.


Thank you to our donors, and thank you to Mayhew Animal Home UK who has just agreed to sponsor the printing of another 1500 books that will be sent to Vatra Dornei, Tecuci, and Buhusi!

Message from Toby »  

Thank you, Ruth Osborne, for putting this ad together. Toby had a broken front leg at about 14 weeks old. Although the bone healed, the ligaments in the other front leg are stretched and not as tight as they should be.
Hi, I'm Toby from Romania
To get me into a nice new home and off the street can cost around US$800 (€500, £500), which doesn't even include the vet fees for repairing my broken leg!
For this amount, Romania Animal Rescue can spay 37 females, which means after 1 year, 576 puppies can be saved from suffering like I have.


Our Thanks »  

Thank you thank you to the most amazing donors who have made this life-saving work possible in Romania!

Thank you to the RAR Dream Team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians for all your amazing work. You are the finest people. Thank you for making the dreams of so many a reality.

Thank you to Sandra Venema for setting up the online auction to raise funds for Romania Animal Rescue projects!

Many thanks go to the Mayhew Animal Home for their sponsorship for educational booklets.

Thank you, Sterilize Dogs, for your continued support.

Thank you to Walk 4 Dogs for your fundraising campaign that will help us to return to Buhusi to do even more free spays/neuters!

Thank you to Lelia, Anda and Mihaela for all your work for RAR in Romania! Thank you to Suzy Morris for volunteering for Romania Animal Rescue here in the USA. Your help is so very needed and appreciated!

Thank you to Oana (Adjud) and Alexandra (Targoviste) for setting up fundraisers for RAR on Facebook to help in the towns of Adjud and Targoviste.

Thank you to our anonymous donor for the HeartGard and Previcox once again!

Thank you, Dr. Richard Bachman, for the donated supplies!

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)


Cold Noses Foundation
Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment
Now, when you donate $50 or more to Romania Animal Rescue, Camp Four Paws will give your dog a free day's stay at their day care, a $45 value.