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Newsletter Archive

August 2013

  Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Newsletter August 2013
Getting Ready for September Spay Month »  


We are projected to spay/neuter:

  • 100 animals for Vatra Dornei.
  • 350 animals in Sighet with our co-sponsors People4Pets, Germany, and Dina's Ark, Sweden. So far approximately 150 appointments have been made, we are hoping the local charity can get more animals.
  • 130 animals for locals asking for our help in Craiova.
  • 100 animals in Moreni.
  • 30 animals for the Glina shelter.
  • More animals in Buhusi in either September or October.
Sighetu Spayathon Poster

Dear Romania Animal Supporters »  

Dear Romania Animal Rescue Friends,

Thank you to our fabulous donors, especially in these extremely hard times, for donating to the solution to stop abandonment. Neuter or Spay! No More Strays! Our 21,000 spayed/neutered animals thank you and we thank you for saving these animals from giving birth to thousands more. Without your support this could never have been achieved. Now we must be even more vigilant to stop abandonment and unwanted births of puppies. We need to push even harder to help impoverished people spay/neuter their animals and to have more educational programs regarding responsible pet ownership. Spay/neuter is the only humane and efficient way to put an end to animal abandonment, suffering and killing. We believe it is our duty as an animal charity to make sure as many animals are relieved of pain, misery and suffering. Thank you for being there for the Romanian animals.

Love to you,
Nancy Janes



Dear Friends,

The Romanian homeless animals stay now in the spotlight of a law that states they will be rounded up and put down in 14 days if no one will adopt or redeem them. Having known this we are determined now more than ever to promote the spay and neuter as many animals as possible. We must also open the eyes of the general public, who must understand that their ignorance leads homeless animals to a life full of dangers, hunger, thirst, abuse and now with the new law, death.

What other better help can a charity provide than spay and neuter? In this way we prevent any type of abuse or pain and misery. The spayed animal has a better life not having to cope with a pregnancy. It is vital that you, our wonderful supporters, continue to help us create a better world for animals in Romania. Thank you and god bless you!

Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
Veterinary Director,
Romania Animal Rescue/
Animal Spay Neuter Int'l


The RAR Map of Romania

Your support has brought us to each of these towns for one or more of our animal welfare services: Spay/neuter, school education, veterinarian training, veterinary care, adoption, and shelter support.

Thank You!


Spay/neuter procedures funded

RAR spays/neuters funded:

160: Tecuci
60: Adjud
55 cats: Iasi
2: for local pet lovers

277 for August


21,245 OVERALL!

Spay/Neuter Update »  

August Spayathons

Romania Animal Rescue was recently in Adjud providing 60 more free spays/neuters for the animals. We then returned to Tecuci for the free spay/neuter of 160 more animals for this city.

Romania Animal Rescue is also donating the funds for 100 free spay/neuters in Craiova, with more donations needed to increase this as much as possible. A donation event has been set up on Facebook and currently we have raised funds for another 20 spays/neuters in Craiova. Thank you Ruth Osborne, our amazing UK vet tech, for setting this up.

Romania Animal Rescue is donating 100 free spay/neuters for villages in the Bucharest area overseen by the charity Red Panda.

Romania Animal Rescue is donating 30 free spay/neuters for the Glina shelter, having already done 10 of these.

The Result of Inaction

Please help this cycle of unwanted births to end. Fund spay/neuter in Romania.

Educational Booklets »  

1500 MORE educational booklets were printed and distributed by Romania Animal Rescue. Thanks to Mayhew International for donating the funds for printing of these great books! These 20 page full color books are outstanding and help the children as well as their parents to understand the importance of spay/neuter and animal care. RAR will be sending 100 of the booklets to Buhusi, 100 to Radauti, 100 to Vatra Dornei, 100 to Ramnicu Sarat so that they may begin education programs. We will be donating 100 books to Moreni to be handed out during our spay event this month. We will be donating an additional 900 books to the Tecuci program. The remaining books will be in Craiova for educational information for the local charity and the Family Vet clinic.

Message from Toby »  

Thank you, Ruth Osborne, for putting this ad together. Toby had a broken front leg at about 14 weeks old. Although the bone healed, the ligaments in the other front leg are stretched and not as tight as they should be. He is now under the care of Speranta Pentru Animale Craiova.
Hi, I'm Toby from Romania
To get me into a nice new home and off the street can cost around US$800 (€500, £500), which doesn't even include the vet fees for repairing my broken leg!
For this amount, Romania Animal Rescue can spay 37 females, which means after 1 year, 576 puppies can be saved from suffering like I have.


Our Thanks »  

Our amazing donors! Bless you all from the bottom of our hearts! The animals thank you for giving them freedom from suffering.

Dogs on Death Row, thank you for your sponsorship for spays/neuters.

Cold Noses Foundation, thank you for your sponsorship for spay/neuter.

Sterilize Dogs NL for your help with sponsorship for our Tecuci spays/neuters.

Mayhew International, UK, thank you for your sponsorship for the printing of 1500 more educational books.

Walk 4 Dogs, thank you for your sponsorship for spay/neuter.

Project Vets, thank you for your donation of much needed supplies.

Dr. Richard Bachman, thank you for your donation of much needed supplies.

And thank you to the RAR Dream Team--the vets, techs, program coordinators, and volunteers. You are the best, truly amazing human beings.

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)